Individually designed and hand-crafted by artisans in Buenos Aires, our shoes are today’s fashion.
From finest quality leather, top-to-toe, to soles, heels of all heights, in all sizes, with handmade motifs, our brand is modern, chic, original, international.

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Womens boots

Achieving a stylish appearance from head to toe is made simple with Brand House Direct. This Australian-bred shoe factory offers a broad assortment of quality kicks, sandals, and boots that pack a comfortable punch. Their women’s boots, specifically, are a consumer favorite. From their varied styles to their captivating aesthetic, Brand House Direct’s women’s boots are top-notch. Below are some of their best-selling and top-quality women’s boots.

Orizonte Embrace Women’s European Comfortable Flat Leather Ankle Boots
These booties are as versatile as they are cozy, making them the idyllic women’s boot. Laced with a top-tier Turkish leather, these boots are the embodiment of class.

  • Leather upper lip
  • Price: $139.95
  • Perfect for all seasons
  • Flat heel

Flex & Go Scarlett Women’s Comfort Leather Ankle Boots
Great for all terrains, this adorable ankle boot offers both a sporty vibe and fashionable appeal. With their durable exterior, you can be sure your money is well spent.

  • Made in Portugal
  • Price: $127.46
  • Rubber outsole
  • Timeless design

Orizonte Hume Women’s European Comfortable Leather Lace Up Ankle Boots
Lightweight, flexible, durable, and sporty, these lovable Brand House Direct Womens Boots boast numerous qualities. Their lace-up front coupled with their soft leather collar make them both elegant and trendy.

  • Lined with premium leather
  • Price: $139.95
  • Produced in Turkey
  • Padded inner sole for added comfort

Orizonte Jessica Women’s European Comfortable Flat Leather Ankle Boots
Radiating a subtle yet noticeable exotic essence, these European boots are quirky and avant-garde. If you’re looking to dazzle others with your unique style, these women’s boots are the way to go.

  • Added leather for optimal comfort
  • Price: $139.95
  • Flat heel
  • Manufactured in Turkey

Flex & Go Abigail Women’s Comfort Leather Ankle Boots
A harmonious blend of comfort and style, these Abigail boots go a long way. Offered in both a chocolate brown and sleek black, the options are endless with these contemporary numbers.

  • Provides unmatched comfort
  • Price: $127.46
  • Pairs perfectly with jeans
  • Produced in Portugal

Flex & Go Harper Women’s Comfort Leather Ankle Boots Made
Given their 4.5-star consumer rating, these boots are the exemplar of quality. Included with a unique design and nifty buckle, Harper outdid themselves with this women’s boot, shop now at https://www.brandhousedirect.com.au.

  • Equipped with a rubber outsole
  • Price: $127.46
  • Pairs nicely with any wardrobe
  • Made in Portugal

Brand House Direct Revolutionizing Fashion

How Brand House Direct is Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry


Competition in the global apparel as well as footwear industry is tough. It has also intensified over time. In fact, irrespective of the fragmentation implemented in the industry, competition is increasingly controlled by large companies as well as retailers that have benefitted from different economies of scale. Other beneficiaries of this industry include big data analytics. According to the stated briefing, these factors influence consumer behavior including their demand, style, preferences and selection in the footwear in addition to apparel sectors. As such, companies have come up with various strategies to help them supply clients with their demands. One such company is Brand House Direct.


Profile of Service Delivery


Brand House Direct is intensifying competition in the fashion industry by applying competitive strategies that help it to garner more clients in the industry. One such strategy is providing excellent customer care. Organizations need to embrace the fact that customer care is a crucial aspect when dealing with consumers. For Brand House Direct catering to clients is one of the most fundamental aspects of operating in the industry. This is solely because the company thrives on the consumer’s willingness to purchase products.


Consumer Behavior


Because the pace of the fashion industry is taking a toll on consumer behavior, buyers are vastly becoming picky and more demanding. Therefore, fast fashion is becoming the main controller of the industry. Brand House Direct has invested in systems that analyze consumer behavior by evaluating the manner in which they prefer to shop. As such, the company has invested in modern marketing strategies with online marketing being the leading strategy. For those who reside in Australia but cannot make it to the physical stores, it is possible to order shoes and accessories online.


Overcoming Challenges


Like any other company dealing with the production of footwear and accessories, Brand House Direct encounters challenges from time to time. Some of the challenges include understanding the needs of their clients, and coming up with the best platforms to help supply their products. Nevertheless, these challenges have never gotten in the way of the company when it comes to offering clients the latest fashion in footwear and accessories.




Brand House Direct is a one stop store for high quality women’s shoes. The company stocks leading and renewed brands of different shoes including Pockport, Scholl Orthaheel, and Planet Shoes. Besides, these shoes come in a broad range of colors, materials, sizes, in addition to widths. The shoes are also customized to fit consumer’s preferences.


Conclusion and Preview of Brand House direct


Brand House Direct also sells men’s dress shoes, hiking boots, athletic shoes, slippers, and men’s shoes for wide feet. The categories of shoes are boots and sneakers. Besides, the company offers high quality products to guarantee you comfort. Coupled with a strong identity in the industry, Brand House Direct has managed to provide its clients with affordable products. Moreover, the products are being leveraged through more than 45 outlets globally. It is because of these adapted strategies that the company has managed to diversify its portfolio and satisfy its clients.

Brand House Direct Fashion

Brand House Direct Fashion



Brand House Direct makes a home in Australia is among one of the greatest fashion outlets out there, with absolutely 100% authentic products from numerous brands. Selling beyond 45 brands and able to sell over 5,000 and growing, customers have so many huge options to pick from. From styled boots to elegant high heels, shopping from Brand House Direct is the biggest thing. Customers from Australia are greatly impressed with their purchases, basically on a daily basis about quick deliveries, good quality and pure comfort with their shoes and accessories.

The most wonderful thing about Brand House Direct Industries is their total variety of brands for their consumers to choose from. They come in an array of styles from brands known and bought from all over the globe. Compliments stem through Australia which has many eager people to find their desired shoe and/or accessory to suit their needs in just the perfect way. Certain options come in two ways, there are shoes for women as well as for men. Not only is fashion a valuable thing in Brand House Direct but there is also categories the serve athletics, hiking among many other sports, and even sleepwear. Not only is fashion is Brand House Direct’s finest, but it goes way beyond that for comfort and adventure.

What could be better than getting exactly as expected in also such quick time for delivery? Another great thing about Brand House Direct’s incredible services is the delivery time. There are so many reviews and comments talking about this one known fact about how impressed customers truly are with this service. One can just shop simply through Brand House Direct’s own website to find just about anything they like or curious about. Questions can be asked and many options are out in the open.

Fortunately, besides shoes for every necessity, Brand House Direct also offers eyewear, for men. They have great uses during hiking, biking and heading down to the beach with no worries about getting sand in their eyes or a nasty glare from the sun that could ruin seeing the sights on these memorable trips.

There is so much to look forward to when visiting this online shopping experience. Brand House Direct always provides the best for their customers with high-quality products and delivery at decent prices and quick service. Never forget that if anyone wishes to ask questions about a certain product or service, Brand House Direct is always happy to oblige.

Thinking About Womens Boots

Thinking About Womens Boots


When you think of Timberlands, you immediately think of the signature lace-up, tough boy boots for men, but the label is more than that.

Timberland is a global outdoor lifestyle brand that also makes incredibly strong, classic and sexy women’s boots. Popular celebrities love walking around sunny L.A. in their Timberlands; it’s a chic urban street look that never goes out of style.

The brand was launched in the quiet, small town of Newmarket, NH in 1973 and quickly got famous for its durable, handsome waterproof leather boots.

Style icons like Rihanna wear Timberlands in womens boots while relaxing, out clubbing and with jeans to shorts and more. She’s not the only one. Reality TV’s Khloe Kardashian has always been a Timberlands kind of gal and is often snapped at the airport in a pair. Jennifer Lopez has been caught by the paparazzi in a white pair of the iconic 6-inch Mayliss women’s boots.

Julianne Moore is another celebrity known for her elegance on the red carpet, and she, too, has at least one pair of Timberlands she hits the street in. Model Gigi Hadid is also a major trendsetter, and the star is often photographed in her women’s boots in nubuck leather Timberlands.

Fashionable hip-hop star Kanye West, a major Timberlands fan, had the brand make his daughter North a classic pair of their boots when she was a baby.

The women’s boots are just as durable as the brand’s famous men’s boots and have that same rugged, urban appeal, handsome details and classic styling. The boots have been designed for comfort with a padded collar and an anti-fatigue midsole and removable footbed.

For womens boots https://www.brandhousedirect.com.au/ the footwear brand offers the classic 6-inch boots, ankle boots, sneaker boots, hiking boots and PRO boots. The variety is amazing, and the company will even let you customize your own pair. The footwear experts will start out with their classic Waterville boots, and then, they let you add your choice of hardware, leather and stitching.

The most famous Timberlands are the classic, 6-inch Premium Waterproof Boots (Style #10361024). The shade is called Wheat Nubuck, and the sizing available is 5-11 medium or wide. Other shades include Black Nubuck, Rust Nubuck, Light Green Nubuck, Navy Nubuck/Henna Print, Peach Nubuck and Grey Nubuck/Henna Print.

A pair will set you back $170, but these women’s boots are quality made and longlasting. In addition, 3-day shipping is free, and returns are free, so that’s a big deal for shoppers online.

Ladies have a lot of choices when it comes to a beautiful pair of women’s boots. Timberlands have their own unique look that has stood the test of time.

Brand House Direct For Him And Her

Brand House Direct For Him And Her

Bitter Chocolate

Brand House Direct is an online store that sells a long list of brand-name shoes for the whole family. Included in this list you’ll find Adidas, Airwalk, Aussie Soles, Bellissimo, Brooks, Bzees, Cabello Comfort, Clarks, Converse, DKNY, Donna Valenta, Dr. Scholls, Earth, Emma Kate, Everlast, Ferricini, Fitflop, Florence, Gino Ventori, Grosby, Guess, Hollywood Heels, Hush Puppies, Isabella Brown, Kardashian, Lonsdale London, Massa, Merrell, Naturalizer, New Balance, Nike, Oliver, Polo Ralph, Puma, Rockport, Sabatini, Sara Cole, Timberland, and Windor Smith. Although this list of brands is extensive, it’s a delight to tell you there are even more brands than this on their list. These are the types of shoes this amazing store offers:

For Him

Brand House Direct has athletic shoes for men. They carry casual shoes that offer comfort and style, boots, dress shoes, sandals, slippers, shoes for occupational safety, shoes for hiking, shoes for basketball, shoes for playing soccer, and shoes for playing golf. Wide fit shoes can also be found here. Some of the brand names that Brand House Direct carries for men include Rockport, Sketchers, Nike, Keen, Dunlop, Everlast, and more.

For Her

At Brand House Direct you can find athletic shoes for women. You can find casual shoes and shoes that provide comfort. Flat, heels, wedges, high heels, boots, sandals, and slippers are available. If you are a woman who needs orthotic shoes or shoes for work, you will find them here, too. Also available for women are shoes made in Europe, shoes made in larger sizes, and handbags. Brand favorites carried include Sketchers, Hush Puppies, Rockport, Lavish, Nike, Saucony, and other popular brands.

For Children

Brand House Direct carries quality shoes for children. They sell shoes for school, shoes for special occasions, athletic shoes, boots for football and soccer, and shoes for babies and toddlers. Some of the popular brand-name children shoes they carry are Asics, Clarks, Dunlop, Grosby, Harrison, Jiffies, Nike, and ROC.

In addition to shoes, you can find stylish clothes for men, women, and children at Brand House Direct. You’ll find shoes on sale for the whole family, coupons, a clearance section, and a section where you will find new items for everyone. Also available are gift cards that have no extra fees attached to them.

If you would like to shop at Brand House Direct, simply visit their website, select the items you want, and place your order online. You can also reach them at 1 300 735-786 or through Live Chat. Send them a message using their online message form.

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Selecting Brand House Direct Walking Shoes 

Selecting Brand House Direct Walking Shoes 

Asics GT-3000 2 Mens Cushioned Running Shoes (2E Wide) Width

Walking shoes from Brand House Direct are an important investment for everyone. We all need a comfortable pair of shoes that we can use to walk around and explore life. Here are some tips to help you find the right pair of walking shoes to fit your personal needs.

The first tip we have for you is to determine the type of shoe that you will need to purchase from Brand House Direct. This starts with determining the types of surfaces that you will be utilizing your shoes on most often. If you plan on walking on pavement, you may be better off with a casual shoe or multisport shoe. If you’re more interested in doing trail paths or dirt roads, you should opt for a light hiker or trail-runner shoe as they will give you some added traction on the soles.

The next thing you want to evaluate when picking out walking shoes from Brand House Direct is whether or not they’re waterproof. Are you a fair weather walker or do you go out regardless of what’s going on with the weather? Do you go in the woods after it rains? Or, do you walk on the pavement in your neighborhood where you can avoid puddles? These are important things to take into consideration when deciding if you need to purchase waterproof shoes from Brand House Direct or not.

If you walk for long bouts at a time, you’re going to need a good bit of cushioning. Otherwise, your feet will be aching like crazy by the time you return home. Cushioning can make a big difference in your comfort when walking. The more comfortable you are in your shoes from Brand House Direct, the more often you’re going to use them. No matter how cool your new walking shoes look, if they are uncomfortable after the first few miles, you’re not going to keep up with walking regularly. Keep this in mind when you’re picking out shoes from Brand House Direct.

The weight of your shoes can be another factor that you may want to consider when buying walking shoes from Brand House Direct. If you plan on hitting the pavement most of the time, then a light-weight shoe can be ideal. However, if you plan on hitting the hiking trails, you’ll want a heavier shoe which has more support for side-to-side movements.

Selecting the right pair of walking shoes requires some thought. You’ll need to consider all of the factors explained above to ensure you get a good fitting pair. Remember to take your time and assess each shoe to ensure it meets all the criteria that you have so you’ll be sure it will perform the job you need it to on a regular basis.

Work Boots For Everyone

Work Boots For Everyone

Work boots are quite helpful for everyone who must be on a job site or work at home. Work boots will protect people when they are around heavy machinery or objects, and work boots will provide quite a lot of comfort for someone who is on their feet all day. There are many different people who will begin to ensure the boots because they provide all that they need, and the boots simplify everyone’s work.

#1: Steel Toes

Steel toes in work boots will provide protection that the user needs, and they may wear the boots for hours at a time without any damage. The boots that people wear have the steel toes inserted for safety because they are molded to prevent toes from being crushed when something falls on them.

#2: Tall Ankles

There are many different people who need a boot to rise over their ankle, and someone who is attempting to save their ankles from rolling may wear these boots without any trouble. The high ankle may be folded if necessary, and the ankle may be laced off to protect the ankle. There are many people who have ankles that have been rolled before, and the boots will prevent injuries in the future.

#3: Laces

The laces that are used on these boots will be strong enough to keep the boots on no matter how long they have been worn, and someone who has problems with their boots remain on their body will prefer to use these boots and their laces. There are many people who tie their laces around the boots, and there are many others who will find that the laces may be strung in a number of different styles. The traditional styles, European style and hiking are available, and someone who wishes to use their laces in a unique style may do so without any reservation.

#4: The Outsole

The outsole on the Work Boots From Brand House Direct will not wear out no matter how long you have worn them because they are simply too thick. You may make use these heavy boots in many situations, and they will keep you out of the moisture or dangerous chemicals that may be on the ground. They have the traction that is required for the work that must be done, and someone who wishes to use the boots on rough terrain will not be caught on rocks or other rugged places. You will not feel what is beneath you when you are walking.

Someone who wishes to save money when they are buying work boots may purchase boots that will do everything they need. They may work in a number of capacities, and they may look over the different sorts of boots they may need. You may choose from a number of colors, and you may choose a pair of boots that is quite easy to use. You may lace them in any style you like, and you may secure them for long days on the job site where you work.

Wearing Mary Jane Shoes

The Benefits of Wearing Mary Jane Shoes

Mary Jane shoes truly stand the test of time. If you look at fashion magazines from years and decades ago, they’re not uncommon sights at all. Mary Jane shoes are still going strong to this day as well. When you visit shopping centers, dining establishments, parks, educational institutions and beyond, finding people wearing Mary Jane shoes is always a piece of cake. Mary Jane shoes don’t look like they’re going anywhere any time soon. If you’re interested in footwear that’s simultaneously classic, enduring, fresh and fun, you just can’t go wrong with Mary Jane shoes.

Mary Jane shoes bring many diverse benefits to the table. These shoes, first and foremost, are the epitome of comfort. It can be extraordinarily uncomfortable and unpleasant to have to walk around in platform shoes or high heels all day long. Mary Jane shoes, however, are a whole other story. Although they’re girlish and feminine in appearance, they’re far from uncomfortable. These closed shoes can be great for women who are constantly on their feet. If you spend a significant part of your day walking around, then you should have no problem with BHD Mary Jane Shoes. Mary Jane shoes can be a great match for gals who lead fast-paced and hectic daily lifestyles.

These shoes are also wonderful for style purposes. They’re far from passing fancies. If you’re sick and tired of footwear trends, investing in Mary Janes can feel refreshing. Since these shoes are classic, they never look outdated. They never look out of style. When people wear Mary Janes, they never look like silly fashion victims, either.

Mary Janes come in all different kinds of attractive colors. They come in a vast range of styles in general. If you’re interested in footwear that’s understated, simple and straightforward, you should be able to find many fantastic choices in Mary Janes. It’s not hard to find these shoes in colors such as navy blue, white, off-white, brown, black and beige. It’s just as easy to find them in colors that are a bit more eye-catching, too. If you’re looking for shoes that are suitable for parties and nights out on the town, there are many Mary Janes out there that should be able to strike your fancy. You can easily find Mary Janes in bright red, purple, yellow and more. Brand House Direct 

Mary Janes are appropriate for all kinds of occasions in life. Women can confidently wear them to work on a daily basis. They tend to work beautifully in business environments. Women can wear them when they’re relaxing with friends. They can wear them to attend parties and gatherings of all varieties. They can even slip them on when they’re busy running errands around the neighborhood. If you need shoes to wear for to a quick trip to your local grocery store, Mary Janes can work like a charm. If you need shoes to wear to the post office, they can work like a charm as well. These shoes are ideal for people who are all about maximum convenience.

Shopping For Sandals Online

Shopping For Sandals Online Is Your Best Option

Sandals are a type of footwear that doesn’t cover your feet completely, allowing air to circulate around your toes and soles. There are numerous types of sandals, and finding sandals online is your best option when shopping for this footwear. Designers create sandals in many styles, using the straps in a variety of ways to hold the footwear on your feet. The straps of a sandal may encircle your big toe, ankles or go over the instep. You might have only one strap on a sandal, or you might have five or more that go up the ankle and lower leg. If you shop for sandals online, then you can find a full-color photograph of the footwear along with a detailed description of the product.

Spring Is a Great Time For Finding Attractive Sandals Online

While your local shoe store might have a small selection of sandals, the best selection is found on the internet. With Sandals Online Brand House Direct, you can narrow down your selection of sandal styles, materials and sizes to find what you want quickly. Rather than only having a few types of sandals to choose from, you can look at hundreds of pairs of sandals to find the perfect style. The traditional time to shop for sandals online is in the late spring through early autumn. This is when you will want to wear lightweight clothing and open sandals so that you can remain cooler in hot weather.

You Can Find Sandals In a Variety of Styles For Different Activities

If you love wearing sandals, then by looking for sandals online, you can find a better assortment of styles that include:

• Soft foam sandals
• Roman sandals
• Jelly sandals
• Grecian sandals
• Fisherman sandals
• Flip-flops
• High-heeled sandals

When you want to buy sandals, you may want everyday footwear to wear during leisure activities. Alternatively, you might prefer to have a pair of dressy sandals for a special occasion such as a high school prom, date or wedding.

The Sandals Online Are Made From an Assortment of Materials

In addition to finding an assortment of styles of sandals, the footwear is made from a variety of materials. Some of the materials that sandals are made from include:

• Fabric – canvas, ribbon or denim
• Plastic – hard or soft plastics
• Leather – natural color or dyed
• Cork – used for the sole or heel
• Wood – carved into a footwear shape
• Vinyl – plastic coated fabrics

Sandals might be made of only one color such as black, white or tan, but in many cases, this footwear is embellished with metal buckles, fabric ribbons or plastic buttons. You can find sandal styles that are appropriate for men, women or children.

Womens Sandals Are A Must Have

Womens Sandals Are A Must Have Accessory

It’s that time again — time to break out the womens sandals.

Many people across the country are putting away their boots, tights, and wool socks, and getting ready to show off their feet again. One of the best and most stylish ways to do this is with womens sandals!

Womens sandals come in a variety of styles, ranging from gladiator-style sandals and T-strap sandals to bejeweled flip-flops. Trendy fashionistas will choose sandals with lots of straps, a hint of glitter or glam, and rhinestones or other decorations. Often these womens sandals are available in bright, fashionable colors to really attract attention.

Women who are more down to earth will choose Birkenstock style sandals, or those that have woven straps. Athletic Sandals Online Brand House Direct are also available for people who like to walk, hike, ride bikes, and even wade into the water all while looking super stylish.

So what should you pair womens sandals with? In a word, anything! Womens sandals work well with long, flowy maxi dresses for a cool and comfortable summer look. They’re also perfect with shorts, whether short shorts or capri length shorts. Pair womens sandals with jeans, a tee shirt and a light cardigan for a day to night look that will see you through a day of shopping and then a night out on the town.

sandals online brand house direct

Sandals are also a great choice when you’re wearing a mini skirt or mini dress, especially high heeled sandals that will help you show off your toned and tanned legs.

High heeled womens sandals can also work with a dressier outfit, such as a little black dress, cocktail dress, or cigarette pants paired with a sparkly tank top. For an evening wedding or a romantic dinner out – or just a night of drinking and dancing with your girls – try strappy slides with glamorous, shiny details.

Womens sandals come in a range of prices, as well. You can spend just $20 and get a fun pair of sandals that will last you through the summer. Or you can opt for high end designer womens sandals that will set you back several hundred dollars, but which are sure to last for several seasons, as well as be real attention getters when you’re out on the town.

Let’s face it. Womens sandals are a must have shoe for the warmer months. Stock up your closet with several pairs of womens sandals this season!